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Headed out a little late for a long kayak adventure so we decided to go to a spot nearby – Nassawango Creek to the Pocomoke River. We have done both of these this past summer, but this is our first time going all the way down the Nassawango to the Pocomoke. The water was unbelievably low today and as we stood on shore looking, the creek was still flowing out, rather rapidly.

I prefer a ramp/launch to get in and out of my kayak. I know I risk scraping the bottom quite a bit, but I’d rather do that than fall in! The water being so low, you need to step down two steps. (This is my favorite photo, taken by Kathy)

Kathy went in at the steps, I slid in next to this varmint box. A muddy mess here.

Low water for the whole trip, to and fro.

In the photo below there is a cobweb just floating along with us –

Alright, already we’ll all float on
Ok, don’t worry, we’ll all float on
Even if things get heavy, we’ll all float on… (modest mouse)

A splash of color to brighten the day.

Some very nice reflections.

The Pocomoke River up ahead.

A couple speeding boats zipping by. Kayakers get no respect on this river.

After about 3.5 miles, time to head back. Under the Nassawango Rd bridge.

Another nice reflection shot by Kathy.

Two steps down and waiting for the combine to cross over.

Our trip. Just over 7 miles with all the zig-zagging and crossing over the Pocomoke.

Another great kayak adventure. Next time we will need to check the tides. We hit a lot of submerged tree limbs and could not cut across the lily pads like we normally do. But it was still a great day to be out and grateful to be able to take these kind of trips.

Thanks God!