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February 12, 1816: Edward Johnson notes his retiring as mayor after eight years. Jones Falls – A Law has been passed by the General Assembly of Maryland at their late session, authorizing a Lottery to raise a sum of money, not exceeding fifty thousand dollars, clear of all expenses. One half of the net proceeds of which is to be appropriated under the direction of the managers named in the law, to the deepening of Jones’ Falls and walling the public streets binding thereon; the other half in conveying a stream of water that passes down Harford Street in a culvert or tunnel, below the surface of the street into the cove.

January 5, 1829: Jones Falls – The hand rail on Jones’ Falls and Harford Run has been completed, as directed by the resolution No. 15, of February, 1828, and affords security to our citizens. The walling of Harford Run has been continued southerly, as directed by Ordinance. The walling of a part of Jones’ Falls, as directed by the Resolution of April, 1828, has been executed; but the efforts of the City Commissioners in enforcing the provisions of the Ordinance of February, 1826, requiring the owners of property on Jones’ Falls to erect walls, etc., have continued to prove unavailing. It is submitted whether the City Commissioners should not be authorized to have the work done, thereby to avoid future injury to the navigation; and require the owners of property to pay the expenses thereof.

Walls will be built. Walls will be knocked down or tunneled through, all to try and change the course of the Jones Falls, flowing through the city.


Walls upon walls.


Tunneling through the walls (I would liked to have seen the park up above)


Close up of one of the walls (Is that graffiti to the right? HW)