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Back in the beginning of September, I posted some photographs of my visit into Liberty Dam. The watershed manager, Clark, took me down to the bottom. It was quite an experience for me. Before leaving I made the comment that the Conowingo Dam will be my next adventure, to go inside. A couple weeks later, Clark sends me an email telling me that a group he belongs to, the Upper Western Shore Tributary Team, are going into Conowingo. That I should contact them and ask if I can go. A couple days later they sent me a yes answer. Very nice. So, here are some of the dams I’ve gone into. Not listed yet is Loch Raven. Not much to go into there but Clark said when they do the next inspection, I can go.

My first interior dam I visited was Hoover Dam in 2005. It was nice but a disappointment in that 3-1/2 years after 9/11, the lower portion was closed off. I only got to see the turbines from an observation deck.


This was a quick looksy – “Alright people, back on the elevators.”


Up on top.


One side of the dam…


to the other.


Intake structures – actually more impressive than the one at Liberty!


Reservoir getting low…and yet they are still building new homes in the area.

In 2013 I was able to go into Prettyboy Dam.

Looking down from the top.

What I like about this view are the memories of my father taking me down to the bottom – concrete slab – to go fishing.

We had to go down the steps, then climb over a fence and trek down the hillside to get to the fishing spot.

Time to head to the bottom of the dam. More steps.

I was able to go out onto the deck, where the valve was spewing forth water to my right. This is one of two fountains that don’t work. Contractor said it would cost over $100k to fix. Director says no.

The 45 degree pipe is what feeds the fountains. It goes under this floor into a chamber and then into more concrete. It is collapsed there and this is why it would cost so much to fix.

Tomorrow, if the dam Gods permit, I will be going into this dam – Conowingo! This is from 2011 when most of the flood gates were opened. I just bought a new telephoto lense for my camera and wanted to see how it works…

A little too well. I hope this guy shows up again for the tour!