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Headed up to Deer Creek early this morning for an early kayak adventure. Not a lot of people there, which is the way we like it. Some people fishing off the bank. We saw lots of fish way up stream.

Heading up stream. Fisher-people to the right, casting in our direction.

Something swam across our path. I thought it was a beaver at first…

it was this raccoon. He swam to this side to get a drink!

There were so many red-winged blackbirds. What a variety of sounds they make! Mullein plant to the left. We did see a couple hawks, but they were too far up in the tree for me to get a good shot. I usually just take my underwater camera when kayaking. it doesn’t have a good telephoto lens on it.

Speaking of underwater – I just stuck it under, next to the kayak and saw a bunch of trout.

You do have to pay attention for the submerged logs.

Kathy collecting for our souvenirs. Only had to get out twice for shallow water. Water felt good.

This was as far as we were able to go – too shallow. Almost 2 miles up. You can practically drift all the way back to the mill.

Odd looking cocoon. Three leaves weaved together to make a pouch. Like a pea pod. There were a bunch in this tree.

Pretty little flowers.

Glad we went early. A crowd showed up. Nice day enjoying ourselves, nature and God.