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Beautiful weather and time to go for an evening kayaking trip at Mariner Point Park up in Joppatowne. We were hoping to see a lot of birds, but only saw a few. Lots of boats and noise going on in the park. Here is our path. (The green dot to the black dot is me forgetting to turn off AllTrails when leaving!)

Heck of a time parking anywhere. The lots were full with boat trailers and there was a party going on at the pavillion. I wrote the park service and the county executive last year about this problem and was more or less told – oh well. Into the kayaks and headed out. 

Kathy took a bunch of these photos. Only a couple flowers along the shoreline. 

Leaving the boat ramp, heading south then a right turn and back north. We actually went further up than the map shows. It also doesn’t show us cutting thru a waterway to the other side. It has us going across land. Lots of sea grass makes paddling a little more work.

Kathy doing the double paddle reflective stroke!

Me trying to avoid eye contact with that heron watching me.

After some paddling in the little waterways (The Gunpowder Rivers/Falls), we headed to open water. Towards the railroad bridge. Watch out for boats!

I always like going under this thing, and hearing the trains go whizzing by overhead.

Kathy should wear a hardhat under here.

Time for some leisurely paddling back to the ramp, waiting for the sun to go down. Up in the trees we see these guys.

Looking close you can see a dragonfly photobomb this pic! Not sure if we scared the eagles off or the dragonfly, but the one eagle almost knocked the other eagle off its perch.

Back in the boat lane, Kathy took a photo of me using her iphone. Strange green glow coming from somewhere.

And another green glow.

The sunset side of the river was dark, yet on the other side it was still fairly light. Caught a glimpse of him up in the trees. As fat as he is, I thought it was a parrot at first.

Kathy enjoying the peacefulness of the sunset. It is hard to get a good shot with a point and shoot camera, especially when boats are going by, causing wakes. Only one boater slowed down as they approached our location.

One thing about my P&S camera, in auto, it compensates for the low light and pretty much does its own thing. Like this water shot.

And this lone osprey shot.

Time to head back. Too many boats at the launch so we pulled up and out at a smaller launch area in the woods. The party was just winding down near the launch site.

All in all, a very nice kayaking adventure!